Attorney – Coleman Taylor

Congress approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) and President Donald J. Trump signed it moments ago. You can check yesterday’s post for details of the bill as there were no changes from the Senate’s version. At this early stage this means many of our clients and other people reading this will now have questions about how this new law applies to them and their business. We have already begun implementing our process for assisting clients in analyzing whether they are covered by this law, and what it means for them and their business.

If you are already a client, then be on the lookout for an email or letter from us in the coming days regarding how our firm can assist you in navigating the details, assessing the benefits, and protecting against the pitfalls of this new $2 Trillion law. If you are not a client but would like to explore your options, feel free to call our office (479) 527-0006 or email one of us to schedule a time to discuss all that our firm can do for you and your small business.