Estate Planning, Business Planning, Tax Planning, and Probate & Trusts Attorneys Serving Arkansas Families and Businesses.


The Law Office of Brenda Vassaur Taylor, P.A. of Fayetteville, AR has served countless clients in the areas of estate planning, taxation, business planning, and general transactional matters since 1985. We work hard to help families preserve their wealth throughout and after their lifetimes.

Estate planning is an important part of wealth management and protects you and your family from creditors, ex-spouses, estate taxes and probate costs. Planning your estate ahead of time also saves you — and your estate — money in the long run.


Estate Planning and Trusts

For clients interested in maintaining management and control of their estate, while avoiding probate and protecting their family members and ensuring privacy.

Business Planning

For clients who want to maintain better control over income taxes, liabilities, business succession, and retirement income.

Tax Planning

For clients interested in minimizing the impact of transfer taxes against their estate, we offer simple to sophisticated estate-tax savings plans.

Probate & Trust Administration

For clients who have experienced a death in their family, we provide estate administration services, including probate and trust administration, estate tax returns, spousal property petitions and more.

Real Estate, Agriculture and Property Law

For clients who need assistance with respect to all aspects of real estate transactions, including buying, selling, developing, leasing, and lending.


For clients who have assumed the responsibility of taking care of a loved one who is unable to physically or financially care for himself or herself.



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